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Using art as inspiration

sieger design creates hairdressing tool for the patented Calligraphy Cut of top stylist Frank Brormann

Just as an artist creates a unique painting, so hairdressers create an individual style that, at first, only exists in their mind. Michael Sieger was inspired by this concept and used the form of a paintbrush as a basis for designing Frank Brormann’s Calligraph. The instrument was developed for a worldwide unique and innovative defined cutting technique known as the Calligraphy Cut, which gives fine hair more body. The first presentation took place in 2011.

Whether it’s classical or avant-garde, painting is a highly personal form of expression. Creativity and technique come together in every artwork – just as they do in cosmetics and hairdressing. As a result of its elegantly curved form and black colour, the ergonomic Calligraph is reminiscent of the kinds of paintbrush that are used in a variety of trades. Calligraphy, a highly expressive artform, is closely related to painting and describes the art of writing beautifully, and was the inspiration behind the name of Frank Brormann’s new cutting tool. He has worked with luminaries in the field and is active as a top stylist at national and international shows.

In the design process, Michael Sieger was inspired by both the fine art and the technique of the Calligraphy Cut. It gives hair a particular dynamic, which is reflected in the curved form of the Calligraph. Frank Brormann defines a cutting angle of between 21° and 23° in order to achieve noticeable swing and body. So that the hair is cut at an angle, the double-sided blade is tilted by 3°. Ergonomics and functionality were the key parameters throughout the development process. The technical specifications were what particularly limited freedom in the design process and required the utmost precision. After all, precision work is also required for the end result. Hairdressers can become acquainted with the patented technology in special training sessions.

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