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Expansive website for concept store Hasardeur

How do you bridge the digital and real worlds? And how do you entice website users to visit a store? By guiding them through the Web pages horizontally, for example, thus giving them the impression that they are entering the Hasardeur shop itself. In 2014, sieger design developed a website for the fashion specialist, with this online portrait of the store accompanied by a Facebook page and a newsletter concept.

When it came to visually representing the high fashion world of Hasardeur, sieger design adopted a minimalist approach. The website is restricted to three sections, each of which makes do with a minimum amount of text whilst displaying as many images as possible. In contrast to the majority of websites, which (still) present their content vertically, all content here is arranged horizontally. As soon as visitors enter the site, they are greeted with an impressive series of images offering a panoramic sweep of high fashion. By scrolling through the site horizontally, visitors are given a more realistic impression of the actual store. What’s more, it creates an impression of spaciousness and distance. And thanks to responsive Web design, the experience can also be enjoyed on tablets and smartphones.

The room-based layout is also a useful way of presenting the store’s elaborate display areas online. And whenever the display windows are refreshed or new collections arrive in-store, the images on the website are replaced accordingly. Münster-based photographer Andreas Hoffmannbeck regularly captures the new displays – designed and made by owner Peter Bavendieck – in the form of appealing images for the website.

The various personal quotes dotted around the website make it clear that anyone who works at Hasardeur has a passionate love of fashion. Instead of opting for portrait photographs, the decision was taken to use the drawings of Tomek Sardurski as a way of expressing the unique spirit of the owners – Markus Brüning and Peter Bavendiek – and their team.

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