Design | Griffwerk

Strong characters

The individual door handles from Griffwerk each make a distinct impression

Doors guard the threshold, either granting us access or affording us protection. The door handle, which is used many times a day, serves as the interface between people and architecture. Working on behalf of Griffwerk, sieger design developed the Characters collection, which comprises three models of varying styles and a matching apron called Gate. One of the honours it received in 2014 was the iF product design award.

Whether at home or in a public building, the door handle is almost always there. Although it serves as a tool that either opens up or closes off paths, its design is subject to many other factors too. It asks to be perceived visually before being held in the user’s hand; it doesn’t just help to create a harmonious overall impression, it also provides guidance. At first glance, the contemporary Characters collection appears to have been pared down to an absolute minimum. It is only on closer inspection that the three door handles unfurl their personality, with clearly defined, stringent lines – or softer and more subtle contours – making a conscious impression and underscoring the occupant’s individual style.

The use of form creates suspense, causing people to regard the three door handles in all kinds of unexpected ways. Inspired by a bird’s wing beats, Leaf Light boasts a subtly delicate and highly recognisable character. The contrast between the curved contours below and the horizontal line above creates a special kind of dynamic. The cylindrical neck flows smoothly into the straight handle, allowing the user’s hand to get a comfortable grip – with the thumb also able to position itself gently on the oblique front section. The second door handle, Minimal Modern, is characterised by its architecturally minimalist basic form and is pleasant to the touch, not least on account of the soft contours on both the front and back. A clear geometric design also lends the third door handle, Graph, its elegant and unmistakeable effect, which results in confident understatement. What makes it so unique are the parallel lines visible from above, causing the soft contours on the back of the handle to contrast with the sharp edges of the face. The Leaf Light, Minimal Modern and Graph handles are all available with a circular, rounded or square rosette.

In order to create an interface with glass doors, sieger design also developed the Gate apron, which, with its minimalist contours, is designed as a stage for the door handles and is an aesthetically pleasing, technically effective device. Thanks to a metallic latch, doors can be closed exceptionally quietly. All models in the Characters collection have been milled from solid material and are available in both polished stainless steel and matte stainless steel.