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Minimalist design and a translucent effect – illuminated make-up mirrors for Aliseo

With the Moon Dance series of make-up mirrors, sieger design transferred the delicacy of light into a new, understated form. The combination of a minimalist, hybrid form with innovative LED technology positions the Aliseo product line as an expressive design element within hotel bathrooms. Whether the tabletop or wall-mounted version, both models are multifunctional on account of intuitive operation, a magnifying mirror and the option to switch between daylight and evening modes.

Sensual and intricate – the aura of light exuded by the round make-up mirror is reminiscent of moonlight and creates an atmospheric mood. Moon Dance has been pared down to the essentials and comes across as a harmonious whole with a sculptural quality. Two different materials and two different geometric forms were combined to create asymmetric synergies. On the wall-mounted model, the round mirror housing is connected to the square wall panel via a linear pivoted arm. Depending on the room in question, the model can be flexibly fitted and adjusted at all times to enable the arm to be pivoted to the left or to the right. The tabletop version also features a hybrid form, with a non-slip circular base precisely and coherently merging into a linear vertical section. Thanks to its ball joint, the mirror housing can be positioned individually.

Not only does the matt, satinised acrylic cover of the make-up mirror feature a soft, convex form, but it is also translucent, causing light to spread from the back to the surrounding vicinity. Using a touch-control switch, the user can activate a specially developed lighting strip, with the LED module enabling them to set either bright white daylight or warm evening light. The user can therefore select the appropriate level of brightness for make-up and styling.

Aliseo operates within the hotel and restaurant business and focuses on the development of product concepts for the hotel industry.

ISH innovations magazine 2015 (PDF)

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