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Just like in a professional kitchen

Tara Ultra – a design classic conquers another living space

With Water Zones, Dornbracht and sieger design unveiled a new kitchen concept in 2007. It differentiates between various workflows and separates them spatially. The prize-winning Tara fitting served as both the inspiration and template for the Water Sets – which can be specially configured – and is tackling a whole new application with its refined form.

Food preparation isn’t the only area where we could learn a great deal from professional chefs. From the mise-en-place and preparing the workspace through to doing the washing-up, you need the right equipment to get everything done in a quick and efficient manner. That’s why sieger design took its cue from the equipment, tools and processes found in professional kitchens when developing new products that bring together functionality and emotiveness in a domestic context.

With Tara Ultra, Michael Sieger specially reinterpreted the form of Tara and Tara Classic for use in the kitchen. The resemblance of the new fitting to its predecessors can even be seen at first glance, but the signature spout geometry has been transformed into an independent, kitchen-specific design. The spout pipe is especially tall and thin, giving the user plenty of room whenever they’re working with large pans and other receptacles. The cylindrical form was revised for reduced protrusion and clear proportions, with the ergonomically placed lever a striking design feature. When it came to the surfaces of the collarless fitting, the decision was taken to go with chrome and platinum in order to create an elegant finish.

sieger design developed the Tara Ultra single-lever mixer in no fewer than seven versions, one for use with water-boiling devices, one featuring a left-sided lever, and one with a washing-up and professional rinsing set – which, with its swivel-mounted spout and integrated sprinkler featuring an aerator and jet – constitutes the highlight of the series. In order to ensure a consistently slimline shaft, the diameter of the spring was also optimised. The Tara Ultra Pot Filler constituted the key element of the Cooking Water Zone. As a purely cold-water tap, it can be fitted right next to the stove or mounted on the wall with an additional basin. As with the rest of the series, the Pot Filler is characterised by a high spout, clearly defined shapes and a streamlined design; the water flows out as a pure, clear stream, as the fitting deliberately doesn’t come with an aerator. The convenient Water Dispenser system, on the other hand, features a fitting, water filter and warm-water tank. As soon as the lever is moved, it delivers boiling water (93 °C), meaning not only that drinks such as tea and coffee can be made quickly and with a minimum of fuss, but that babies’ bottles can be rinsed out with hot water and stubborn food stains removed from crockery.

With the Water Zones concept and Tara Ultra series, Dornbracht and sieger design are opening up a wealth of possibilities for domestic kitchens. Following the Good Design Award (Chicago) of 2009, Tara Ultra was also nominated for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany (Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

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