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From Bisazza to Fürstenberg

sieger design, nexus between company and designer, manages development of Carlo Dal Bianco dinner service

In 2008/2009, Italian designer and architect Carlo Dal Bianco came up with a dinner service for porcelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG, one that bears his name. Michael Sieger set the ball rolling for this partnership, and assumed the role of Art Director. sieger design successfully coordinated the needs of both parties to ensure that the initial idea was ready to cope with the manufacturing process.

It’s customary for a company to collaborate with external designers in order to market a new product – development, however, involves far more than just designing, producing and selling it. Challenges range from conducting market research to coordinating the departments involved in the launch – and that’s just the beginning. And it is precisely these requirements that external designers and production companies are often unable to meet themselves – and which sieger design took care of for porcelain manufacturer FÜRSTENBERG, based in Lower Saxony, Germany.

“The idea for a high-end dinner service was born of the long-standing partnership with the traditional porcelain manufacturer and developments in the upper echelons of gastronomy,” explains Michael Sieger. The demands currently made on cordon bleu cuisine provided the impetus for the creation of a classic, durable service suited to both commercial and domestic use. In Carlo Dal Bianco, Design Director of Italian mosaic producer Bisazza, Michael Sieger found the perfect designer for expanding the FÜRSTENBERG range. The entire development process was characterised by a series of briefings as well as in-depth discussions on the designs. Once all designs had been agreed upon, the dinner service represented an elegant symbiosis of classic forms and modern features. The porcelain pieces are distinguished by the gentle curves of the handles and the grey-green and golden hues of the ESTE pattern.

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