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sieger design has developed the Livø brand image, as well as designing wafer-thin cylindrical vases and customised communication materials

Inspired by a yearning for the far north, at Ambiente 2017 RITZENHOFF AG is presenting the new brand Livø, which includes diverse tableware product series. As well as developing the corporate design and matching communication materials, sieger design also designed the trade fair stand-in-stand system, comprehensive press documents and a selection of delicate-looking vases.

Design: cylindrical vases to supplement the collection
The Livø brand was designed in-house by RITZENHOFF AG. The products are characterised by authentic materials, a delicate formal style and friendly, natural colours. They include – for example – plates, bowls, tableware accessories and placemats. Delicate-looking cylindrical vases, designed by sieger design in keeping with the brand style, supplement the collection. They look like apothecary bottles, but have been interpreted in a highly original way. The thin-walled vases in high-quality borosilicate glass come in four different sizes. The lightness of the material is also reflected in the cylindrical vases’ streamlined forms and delicate pastel shades. The copper-coloured metallic coating adds modern flair to any interior.

Communication: corporate design, print and POS concept
sieger design has developed a coherent, authentic brand image and corporate design for Livø. The logo, a stylised house, and the slogan “Feel at Home” were created as part of a comprehensive brand story. The visual style and all communication materials convey the unique lightness of Nordic styles while creating a connection with the brand’s birthplace, Sauerland – combined with a yearning for Scandinavia. As well as high-quality print documents such as the image brochure, sieger design also drafted the new website and provided crucial creative impetus for its implementation. The agency team also developed a flexible POS system so the products can be showcased in-store, once again with Livø’s stylised house logo as the key element.

Architecture: trade fair stand-in-stand concept
For the premiere of Livø at Ambiente 2017, sieger design developed a trade fair stand-in-stand concept that adapts and reinterprets pre-existing presentation elements. In keeping with the brand story and the slogan “Feel at Home”, the stand uses forms and materials from Scandinavian kitchens, such as light-coloured wooden flooring and lightweight tables made of natural wood, to create an experience that feels like someone’s home.

Public relations: press materials
sieger design developed informative, attractive press documents for an attention-grabbing market launch and beyond. High-quality images and modular texts describing product benefits are perfectly designed so they can be seamlessly used by editors of trade and consumer media.

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