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Everybody's Darling refined

Relaunch and extension of the successful Darling ceramic and furniture range from Duravit

Contemporary refinement of a versatile bestseller – the Darling New range now includes washstands, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and other products that are available in a lower price segment despite their high-quality design. Michael Sieger refers to this as “the democratisation of design”. Duravit launched the forerunner range in 1994 and adapted it to modern requirements in 2011. In 2016, the new “c-bonded” version and a wall-mounted WC with rimless technology were added to the range.

Since the 90s, this ceramic and furniture range has represented “Everybody's Darling” approach to inno­vative and modern bathroom design. 17 years later, it has received a makeover without losing its essence: the ambition to appeal to a wide target group with a range of bathroom products featuring sophisticated design. Back in the 90s, Duravit and sieger design were the pioneers of this approach in this price segment.

Darling New is ideal for people fitting out their first home, such as young families with children or budget-conscious customers. The design has more minimalist lines than the original 1994 series. “The harmonious basic shape of the circle in the outer and inner lines has remained but the edge of the old washstand has been slimmed down and has a finer, more elegant touch”, says Michael Sieger of a key aspect of the modifications. The basin appears lighter and more modern in the new series because the outer lines are significantly flatter. In addition, the tap ledge and the rounded semi-pedestal underneath the washstand have been removed.

The finer edge is a leitmotif throughout the design of the products – and this also applies to the highlight of the entire range, the washstand units. Here, too, the principle has been to design the products along clearer, more minimalist lines. The basin itself has been completely integrated into the washstand top in order to create more space.

A comprehensive range of base cabinets complements the ceramic elements. All the scratchproof and easy-clean units feature a generous shadow gap in the upper sections, which gives the effect that the top of the washstand is floating. This emphasises the lightness of the minimalist ceramic elements. Furniture combinations with countertop basins, tall cupboards, roller containers, mirrors and a wide range of fresh colours such as grass green or azure blue mean you have plenty of design options available when it comes to choosing the fronts for your cabinets. In addition to ceramic elements and furniture, there is also a range of new bathtub modules with the finer edge, which is characteristic of the new series. The demands for comfort play a decisive role here. Compared to the 1994 models, the inside contour is more rounded and the front edge of the bathtub is wider. This creates a practical space for sitting. “As a particular highlight, the elegantly fine edge can be fitted with a white LED light, which gives the impression of being surrounded by a halo of white light while you are in the bath”, adds Christian Sieger.

In March 2016, Duravit introduced a new washstand solution based on “c-bonded” technology. This technology first appeared in the Darling New range in connection with the L-Cube furnishings. Here, the horizontal ceramic surface of the washstand seamlessly merges with a vertical frame in one of several composite woods. Thanks to the precision joint, the ceramic surface and the furnishing meld into one. Furthermore, a new wall-mounted WC with a protrusion of 57cm has been added to the Darling New range. The rimless design offers exceptional comfort and optimum results with 4.5 litres of flushed water, not to mention the combination with the SensoWash Slim shower-toilet seat.

Series from 1994 not available anymore

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