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For Dornbracht, sieger design has designed the WaterCurve and WaterFan massage nozzles for healthful water massage

Added value for the body – the WaterCurve and WaterFan promote health through a powerful water jet designed to massage specific body zones. In 2017 the two massage nozzles are expanding the range of Dornbracht Water Modules and can be freely combined in the bathroom, both aesthetically and functionally.

Flowing water has a vitalising effect and can promote health in many ways. Whereas several of the previous product solutions from Dornbracht – such as the RainSky rain panel or the MEM bathroom fitting – consciously took the natural element as a model, the new Water Modules emulate soothing massage and aquapressure techniques.

The two massage nozzles provide a fundamentally new kind of water treatment: the curved jet of the WaterCurve stimulates the musculature in the neck, while the fan-like jet of the WaterFan modules relax the back and thoracic vertebrae (vertical) and lumbar vertebrae (horizontal). The flat nozzle shape powerfully accelerates the water in a highly efficient manner. In addition, the two massage nozzles can be set variably in accordance with personal needs and different body sizes. Combined with the other Water Module products, they create a high-quality and aesthetic overall solution for a health-and-fitness-conscious lifestyle.

Picture Copyright: Dornbracht
Photographer: Markus Jans, creative direction: Mike Meiré

ISH Magazin 2017 - deutsch/english (PDF)

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