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sieger design develops kuhlmann corporate design, including communication materials from the logo to the website

The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. 2013 saw sieger design take this core principle and use it to develop a corporate design for kuhlmann as part of the brand’s launch. Whether in the brochure, on the website or in one of several films, glimpses into the lives of real families, authentic images of the production process, and personal experiences emphasise the emotive character of kitchen planning.

From open fires to the modern-day kitchen – it has been a focal point for communication and encounters ever since the Stone Age. It is where families come together to share in conversation and laughter and where friends converge to party and debate into the small hours. In fact, all roads lead to the kitchen. For kuhlmann, an RWK brand, sieger design made this idea the foundation of the corporate design strategy and took a holistic approach to ensure that all communication materials were kept in line with the overarching principle. The logo itself hints at the particular relevance of the kitchen as a living space: multiple circles of the same size overlap to form intersections – symbolising the many different people who come together in the room. At the same time, it is reminiscent of a stylised bird’s nest – a place of comings and goings where sustenance is provided and the epitome of a cosy home environment.

Every individual and every family has different expectations of the kitchen. The new kuhlmann communication materials are designed to illustrate the possibility of designing an individual space whilst getting across the added value offered by the brand in terms of precision and quality. The importance of the kitchen in our lives is the central motif and this forms the conceptual foundation of both the brochure and the website. How do we use this often open-plan space and how important a role does it play in our day-to-day activities? Real-life examples provide orientation, with three families inviting us into their private homes in order to provide authentic glimpses into their lives. sieger design was able to secure the services of renowned Amsterdam-based photographer Jordi Huisman, who is highly admired for his true-to-life images. In order to convey the individual character, liveliness and functionality of the kitchen – both audio-visually and via numerous channels – short, emotive films, which can be watched on the kuhlmann website, were made as part of the production. These offer a natural and authentic portrayal of actual daily routines, the joy of cooking and baking, time spent with partners and children and numerous other personal experiences.

A personal touch also arises from those pages in the brochure and on the website that take a look at the company itself. Readers find themselves looking over the shoulders of employees, getting to know the people behind the products and gaining first-hand insights into kitchen production by virtue of “making-of” features. The materials also contain information on the production process, such as a description of the way the back walls are screwed on by hand, and a myriad of functional details. Even if exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding quality are nowadays taken for granted – especially in German kitchens – it is still essential to include technical information and details on sustainability (standards).

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