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As if made by Mother Nature herself

With the Balance Modules fittings from Dornbracht, water falls as though from heaven

Modern man yearns for places of refuge in order to be able to live up to the demands of our highly complex society. With this in mind, Dornbracht and sieger design defined a new kind of luxury for contemporary living spaces. The result: diverse modules that enable people to experience natural rain and waterfalls at home. The Balance Modules can be freely combined with other ranges and were first unveiled back in 2005.

Be it a heavy downpour that’ll wake you up or a light shower of an evening, the Balance Modules offer a range of scenarios to match our moods and needs. At the heart of this concept are the people of today, with their individual routines, and their desire for security, respite and peace. Using the modules, which can be freely combined – from the rain showerhead to the aesthetically pleasing Kneipp hose – people can create their very own private space to enjoy their own personal rituals.

With Balance Modules, sieger design went considerably further than pure product development to create a place that boasts minimalist design and the ultimate experience. For instance, with BigRain water falls downwards through nothing but the power of gravity, and over a large area, so that the entire body stands as if in the rain – with the nozzles themselves modelled on rainfall. RainSky E, RainSky M and JustRain are further modules that bring health and beauty, fitness and revitalisation to the private domain.

Water, mist, light and scents serve to complement scenarios, which are themselves inspired by the atmosphere and phenomena that occur in nature itself. Alongside the raindrops, integrated light strips also contribute to this, providing just the right hues – from a morning awakening and a sun-soaked ambience right through to dusk. Anyone who stands behind this illuminated curtain of rain in any one of these settings will soon feel the effect of the natural colours. Scents are also rather enveloping; appealing as they do to the senses and the spirit, they can either keep body and soul wide awake, or have an altogether calming effect. The different kinds of scents in the Balance Modules range treat people to sensual pleasures and stimulate the feel-good factor.

These technically sophisticated modules can be combined at will, allowing planners to put together high-quality, tailor-made bathrooms – which is why this range is compatible with all Dornbracht fittings.

Picture and Movie Copyright: Dornbracht
Photography: Thomas Popinger
Communication Concept, Creation and Architecture for Dornbracht: Meiré und Meiré

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