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Archetype of writing culture

New additions to the high-quality LAMY scala range of pens

To this day, the fountain pen remains the classic instrument whenever we have to draft or sign an important document. And, together with a ballpoint pen, it was the first such instrument in the range to be reinterpreted and restyled by sieger design – as a result, the Lamy brand has included a contemporary yet timeless series since 2012. In 2013, a mechanical pencil and a rollerball pen as well as a new colour variety – LAMY scala Ti with titanium finish – were added.

Writing instruments are an expression of both style and culture, and it’s no coincidence that we commit off-the-cuff and precious thoughts, memories and personal letters to paper. The handwritten word says a lot about someone’s character and is often more meaningful than text typed up using a keyboard. Our signature, for example, marks the beginning of a partnership or a symbolic act.

sieger design sensitively addressed the subject of writing culture and designed all models with a precise grasp of detail. Michael Sieger described the results as “modern archetypes of a classic writing instrument”. “Our aim was to capture the idealised character of the implement through the ages and interpret it in a contemporary fashion,” explains the designer. This is a design principle that goes all the way back to the origins of the object, which is why the fountain, ballpoint and rollerball pens, as well as the mechanical pencils, are seen as being stylish, elegant and reserved.

The instruments have been reduced to the essentials and are made from stainless steel. Whilst the surface of the housing features a matt black varnished or a titanium finish, the front grip and the clip come in glossy chrome plate. This provides a striking contrast that is reflected in terms of form through the cylindrical housing and cube-shaped clip. As with all products created by sieger design, great store has been set on functionality. Given that the barrel tapers to the end, the cap can be put on and taken off without the need for any irritating snap-in elements. Thanks to the ergonomic form, fine materials and resulting weight, all pens can be held optimally in the hand – a haptic experience that pays testament to their quality.

When Lamy and sieger design launched their partnership, they were aiming for nothing less than to develop a range of writing instruments with iconographic value. Located in the upper reaches of the mid-range price segment, LAMY scala closes a gap in the company’s product range – especially in terms of how it competes with other suppliers. The minimalist pens with their cutting-edge design expand the portfolio’s existing design spectrum and stand out on account of their elegance and high value, with their timelessness just one sign of their quality. The fountain pen with a changeable polished stainless steel nib, the ballpoint pen with twist mechanism, the mechanical pencil and the rollerball pen have been made with the utmost technical precision, and the materials and manufacturing process help make them into high-quality German-made products.

The partnership between sieger design and Lamy is still ongoing. In addition, the LAMY scala piano black special edition was developed in 2013 and includes a fountain pen in an exclusive gift set and a twist ballpoint pen.

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