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An integrated and indulgent shower experience

sieger design develops a compact rain shower with five kinds of water flow and smart lighting scenarios for Dornbracht

Even high-end bathrooms are becoming ever smaller in their design – and not just in big cities. With Serenity Sky, sieger design has in 2024 devised an extremely compact rain shower for all bathroom layouts, providing the utmost in wellness and relaxation with up to five combinable water flow variants. In conjunction with smart integrated ambient lighting, atmospheric scenarios can be created that appeal to the senses and increase well-being.

The distinguishing feature of rain showers by Dornbracht is a special method of drop formation, evoking the sensation of natural rain on the skin. To facilitate this beneficial experience of water in the smallest of rooms, sieger design has developed a scaled-down system with five different flow types for different areas of the body that can be used individually or in combination.

During the development process, Michael Sieger and his team decided on a fine rain panel with an illuminated frame based on the brand’s existing grid system. In order to integrate the sophisticated design into the architecture along with the surrounding lighting seams, Serenity Sky rain showers have no visible screw fittings. The panels can be fitted flush and thus form an incredibly precise design element together with the ceiling. In addition, the system’s proportions are harmoniously coordinated with the xTool control elements on the wall. Alongside six rain panel variants, sieger design has developed seven surface versionsdifferent finishes – from chrome to brushed dark platinum.

The panel’s outer area provides a relaxed shower experience, with the water gently enveloping the body without including the head. Over the shoulders, the flow of water from the body shower is more concentrated for an especially intensive sense of relaxation. With a focused flow of water from the centre of the rain panel, the functional shower head makes light work of washing hair and rinsing out shampoo.

In the Serenity Sky+ variant, three additional flow types ensure indulgent and beneficial effects. No individual water drops can be seen in the crystal-clear laminar flow. It touches the body silently, bathing it and inducing a sense of well-being. The neck flow is an additional laminar flow with massage function that provides targeted stimulation of the muscle groups in the neck and shoulder areas, producing a relaxing effect. Four mist jets refresh the body with cold, finely atomised water, lending a sense of refreshment and invigoration – like a cool mist.

All five flow types can be conveniently operated – individually or in combination as scenarios – using the xTools on the shower wall. The rain panel’s flow profile is based on the ‘“human-centred design’ design” approach, in which the product focuses on the human body and user-friendliness. The design team thus fine-tuned the functions over the course of the design process, for example concentratingwith water flows being concentrated inon the shoulder area, for example, to allow users to enjoy their an even more intense wellness moment of wellness more intenselyexperience while showering.

So as to further optimise the shower experience with the new rain shower, sieger design also integrated atmospheric ambient lighting, the colour and intensity of which can be adjusted by using an app or by voice command. Users’ Ppreferred atmospheres can be stored as individual custom lighting scenarios. Along with the versatile, health-enhancing water flow types, Serenity Sky thus offers an integrated and indulgent shower experience that appeals to all the senses.

Picture copyright: Dornbracht
Communication Concept and Architecture: Meiré und Meiré
Photography: Johannes Bauer (product photos), Jonas von der Hurde (architecture photos)

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