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A timeless icon

With its archetypal form and distinctive cross handles, TARA achieved classic status – and has kept on making history ever since

In 1992, Dornbracht launched TARA, an elegant and minimalist tap typified by clean, precise lines. The cutting-edge design by sieger design became an archetype for modern-day bathroom fittings; it was replicated around the world many times over and honoured with numerous international design awards. Subtle refinements to the design, new finishes and alternative handles have kept the classic constantly up to date – “and it’ll stay that way thanks to its clean, archetypal form,” Michael Sieger confidently predicts.

TARA is an icon. It firmly established Dornbracht as a pioneering manufacturer of high-end fittings and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens. In the nineties, sieger design took the basic function as a starting point to create an all-new form that nevertheless looked like it had been around for generations. With its characteristic cross handle and a design stripped down to the essentials, the tap helped develop the bathroom into an aesthetic living space. Over the years, TARA became a true classic in its own right. However, in order to retain their foothold in the market, even classics need to reinvent themselves, and so in 2007 TARA was given a subtly update. The diameters of the handles and collars were reduced, and the tap slightly lengthened to appear slimmer, more upright and more delicate, all the while retaining its charm. The sharpened contours underscore the clean, geometric forms.

As well as this refinement to the basic design, TARA has been expanded into a whole family of fittings and accessories, with new products for washstands, showers and kitchens underscoring the model’s ongoing evolution. With the special Tara. Black Edition and Tara. White Edition, the taps were made available in black matt and white matt finishes for the very first time. Today, the taps and other fittings are available in an inspiring choice of finishes, allowing them to be paired with a wide range of decorative styles. Most recently, in 2022, three new finishes were introduced: dark chrome, champagne and brushed champagne. Both the champagne finishes are made with 22-carat gold.

TARA has now been constantly reinventing itself for three decades – and feels as fresh and contemporary in 2022 as it did 30 years ago. “There’s a new yearning nowadays for calmness and tranquillity. We don’t want to define ourselves by extravagant design, or by design full stop. We’re looking for something that gives us a sense of direction, we want something that will last,” explains Christian Sieger. “With its timeless design, TARA captures this attitude to life in a whole host of ways.”

Picture Copyright: Dornbracht
Photography: Thomas Popinger, Günther Jurczik
Communication concept/Ccreation and architecture for Dornbracht: Meiré und Meiré

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