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A new star on the road

Visual concept for the Wiesmann Roadster MF3 final edition by SIEGER

Sports cars are definitely not for shrinking violets – anyone who drives one draws attention to themselves. And since autumn 2011, that’s all the more true with these models, which are set to cause a sensation. The Roadster MF3 final edition of the sports car manufacturer Wiesmann comprises 18 colour combinations developed by SIEGER. The brand’s signature style is reflected in far more than just the exterior, it can also be found in the interior details.

Every Wiesmann is unique, built by hand at the company’s factory in Dülmen, Germany. Among the company’s models is the Roadster MF3, a true modern classic featuring a high-performance straight-six engine, which is now set to bow out in this version after 18 successful years with the new final edition by SIEGER. In order to ensure that the Roadster MF3 makes a suitably grand exit, Wiesmann’s decision to collaborate with SIEGER, premium brand of the agency sieger design and also based in Germany’s Münsterland region, was founded on far more than just geographical proximity – as SIEGER is already well known for its innovative coloured design concepts. As designer Michael Sieger explains, “Every Wiesmann Roadster has character, and it’s this that we sought to emphasise. This isn’t a car that you drive simply as a means of getting from A to B. It’s all about passion, a sensation of being alive and having fun.”

That’s why the “Colour Collection” is based on the idea of creating “classics with a twist”: 18 unique models whose striped paintwork is evocative of classic sports car design. As with Michael Sieger’s menswear, which he designs for his own fashion label, this is a modern interpretation of timeless, classic styling. The concept gets its innovative twist from the arrangement of the stripes, and from the unique colour combinations, resulting in a creative visual concept which lends the Roadster MF3, with its otherwise spartan appearance, true racing and rallying credentials. Thus the striped motif is continued inside the car, including on the door trim, the seat upholstery and the steering wheel. Even the dashboard instruments are unique in terms of their design and colour, with the speedometer and rev counter both bearing the logos of the collaboration partners – the Wiesmann gecko and the SIEGER star. In spite of their very different looks, the models all have a few subtle things in common, such as the fact that the glovebox lining is entirely in SIEGER’s signature brand colour, purple.

“There’s probably no other product which possesses quite the emotiveness of a car, particularly when that car is in the same league as the Wiesmann Roadster MF3. Despite being packed with the latest technology, it turns the simple act of movement into an emotionally charged experience,” explains SIEGER Marketing Director Christian Sieger, himself a fan of sports cars, as he describes the charm and sheer enjoyment of driving the Roadster MF3 with its 343 hp. What’s more, it all begins as soon as you order the car, with the ability to choose the perfect model to suit your personality. Each of the 18 available models comes across in a charming manner and features a name inspired by its colour scheme. These names are all designed to be highly evocative, ranging from Panther, California Sunset and Chocolat to Urban Jungle, Vampire and La Dolce Vita. The concept intentionally draws a number of parallels with SIEGER’s fashion collections. The Roadster MF3 has also been imbued with the signature look and feel which, encapsulates a spirit of joie de vivre and diversity. In order to emphasise this, Michael Sieger has also developed a number of additional products, including field jackets, ties, pochettes, cravats, woollen scarves and plaids.

Each of the two companies brought their own specialist expertise to the partnership. In the space of just a few short weeks, the team not only designed the visual concepts but also drew up the specifications for the 18 models down to the smallest detail. By bringing together Wiesmann’s technical expertise and industry links with SIEGER’s highly detailed concepts, both companies were able to work extremely efficiently, mastering a whole host of tasks large and small in close collaboration. For example, it was necessary to carefully examine and compare paints and leather samples in order to ensure that those selected were precisely the right shade. Despite the fact that their products are focused around different segments, the two firms’ corporate philosophies have much in common. Both luxury brands place an emphasis on quality, with products handmade in Germany and a refusal to compromise on the standard of materials. Both believe in developing products which live up to their price. Behind each business are the ideas and visions of two brothers: on the one hand Friedhelm and Martin Wiesmann and on the other Christian and Michael Sieger. These are the people who lead the Münsterland-based family companies.

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