Wicapi, a Native American star

Muster-Vielfalt von SIEGER – die Accessoires der Herbst/Winter-Kollektion 2015/16

Wicapi takes us on an expedition through North America – following in the footsteps of the adventurers and discoverers who once came across a new world and treading the paths of the native peoples through the Rocky Mountains.

As you’ve come to expect from the SIEGER premium brand, the collection features unusual geometric shapes and colour combinations, with large patterns meeting micro designs to create a rich variety of effects. Native American decorations, rhombuses, triangles, houndstooth patterns and star mosaics lend the accessories their unique character. They are presented in different colour combinations such as blue, grey and brown but also olive green and bordeaux.

Wicapi is a Native American name that means “star”. Alongside the life-affirming fashion range, the brand also includes high-valuable porcelain collections. 

More about Wicapi and the SIEGER brand: