Frühjahr/Sommer-Kollektion 2015 von SIEGER

For the new fashion range, Michael Sieger took his inspiration from Scandinavian culture and the region’s style and design. The 2015 spring/summer collection, which is crafted exclusively by German and Italian manufacturers, is therefore characterised by clear, radiant colours and graphic patterns. Garments include suits, blazers, trousers, jackets/blousons, a coat, ties in three widths, bow ties, pochettes, scarfs and socks. 


It’s just like looking through a kaleidoscope – the interplay of core geometric shapes such as triangles and squares lends many of the decors a visual depth and an almost crystalline effect. Alongside blue, red, white and other clear colours, the accessories either come in matt pastel shades or combine a wealth of extremely radiant nuances. 

Creatures familiar from fables and Scandinavian furnishings are hidden within the collection: pictograms of an owl and a fox, for instance, adorn the linings of the ties. Nordic nature also makes an appearance: some of the ladies’ scarfs feature a brightly coloured, photorealistic representation of a blooming meadow full of anemones. 

Ready-to-wear clothing 

From plain cotton and summer wool printed with a micro pattern through to subtle and striking checked patterns, the collection boasts a diverse range of graphic styles in colours such as blue, grey and petrol. 

“Stjärna” is Swedish for “star”. The SIEGER brand symbol can be found in many places throughout the collection. 

Find out more: http://www.sieger-germany.com/en/Fashion/Stjaerna