Treasures beneath your feet

Schöne Handwerkskunst – Handtuft-Teppiche und handgewebte Kelims von SIEGER by Kupferoth

Two handmade rug collections – Annapurna and Pari Banu – have arisen from a partnership between home textile company Kupferoth Interiors and SIEGER, the premium brand from sieger design. The two partners joined forces to create an exclusive selection of hand-tufted rugs and hand-woven kilims characterised by modern designs and traditional craftsmanship. And the new product for 2014, the Ca’ d’Oro hand-tufted rug, is no exception.

Warm and cosy, comfortable and decorative: rugs have a major influence on the aura of any room and radiate homeliness. The unique and exceptional pieces in the two new SIEGER by Kupferoth collections simply exude elegance and zest for life. What’s more, they bear the hallmark of Michael Sieger, a designer known for his bold approach to colour and his attention to detail. It should therefore come as no surprise that the many designs he has created for upmarket clothing and porcelain were mined as a source of inspiration for the rugs. With intuition, sensitivity, patience and dedication, he chose the right imagery, reinterpreted it in terms of colour and design and created two diverse collections – dedicated to all those who appreciate exceptional designs and choice materials, and finished to the highest quality standards in order to create artefacts that can be handed down from generation to generation.

The hand-tufted rugs of the Annapurna collection are available in six different designs, such as Ca’ d’Oro, Emperor’s Garden, Rising Star and Aquarius. In each case, the pile is made from New Zealand wool and silk – which adds an extra touch of class to any interior. Starting from the reverse side, the pile threads – the colour of which depends on the piece – are fed through the backing fabric. After the carpet has been stretched, coated with latex for hold and the reverse side bound, it is shorn to achieve an even pile height. Each design comes in three standard sizes, with individual dimensions available on request. The name of the collection has its origins in Nepal, the country in which the hand-tufted rugs are made. Annapurna, a Himalayan mountain that exceeds 8,000 metres, is the world’s tenth highest peak.

The kilims are also made in Nepal. The collection takes its name from the tale of the beautiful fairy Pari Banu and Prince Achmed in One Thousand and One Nights. The pieces are hand-woven, using a technique that dates back thousands of years. All stages of the process – from washing the raw wool, spinning and bleaching through to dyeing and plain weaving – are performed solely by hand. The flat-woven fabric sees two types of thread – weft and warp – criss-crossing at right angles. To make the pieces not only elegant and beautiful but also easy to care for, pure New Zealand virgin wool – a guarantee of quality in its own right – is used for the wefts that form the design, and its natural residual lanolin is perfect for repelling water and dirt. Thanks to the fine craftsmanship, the vertical warps are invisible. An additional touch of finesse comes in the shape of an eight-pointed purple star badge in the corner, the SIEGER brand symbol.

The hard-wearing, reversible kilims not only come in various designs, but are also available in 28 plain colours in the form of the Kilim Colour Collection – with shades including Capri, Flipper and Robin Hood. Alongside the 17 standard sizes, individual dimensions are available on request. As with other SIEGER collections, the agency team also designed the full range of communication materials, such as the brochure accompanying the launch of the rugs.