Experience the land of the rising sun – inspired by Japanese culture and style, Michael Sieger has designed the new spring/summer collection “KOI-KOI”. The accessories, which are characterised by graphic designs and oriental images, are made exclusively in Germany and Italy. They include scarfs, square shawls, ties, bow ties, pochettes and socks.

The detailed designs feature images of fauna and flora: the koi, a lucky symbol representing courage and progress, the bonsai, representing the oriental art of gardening, and the cherry blossom, one of the most important symbols in Japanese culture, representing beauty and change. It also appears as an individually designed pictogram concealed in the lining of all KOI- KOI ties.

In addition to the Nippon-inspired images, the accessories feature graphic designs such as wave patterns, braided textures, mosaics, stripes and diamonds. The collection is characterized by different shades and varieties of blue, some of them iridescent, ranging all the way to denim tones. The summery colour scheme is supplemented by light browns, oranges and purples, as well as clear combinations with red and white. Light fabrics that are perfect for the warm season are processed to the highest standards of quality: silk, viscose and linen, plus cashmere and modal for the scarfs.

KOI-KOI means “come on” and is the name of a Japanese card game that is played using hanafuda cards (literally “flower cards”).