Beautiful tulips or floral and geometric tile patterns – the new autumn/winter SIEGER fashion for 2016/17 is sometimes typified by bright colours and playfulness, and sometimes by minimalist graphic designs. The designs and the name of the collection refer to the family roots of the brand founders, Christian and Michael Sieger. BLOM, their mother’s maiden name, is a variant of the Dutch “Bloem”, which means “flower” in English.

With a wealth of patterns and colours, all the accessories express the upbeat, easy-going lifestyle and culture of the Netherlands. The ornamental designs of Dutch cement and mosaic tiles can be discovered in the exciting mix. Microdesigns with exquisite textures and wonderful knitted braid patterns are not just visually striking, but also unique to the touch. The shape of the star, the brand insignia and symbol of positivity, is reinterpreted in countless different ways in the individual designs. Combined with a stylised tulip, the image also adorns the lining of the ties. The accessories, including bow ties and pochettes, are coordinated with each other, making them easy to combine. The range is supplemented by a diverse range of scarves. Whether with prints on both sides, multi-ply or fringed – only carefully selected fabrics like silk, virgin wool or bouclé yarn, which features a ribbed surface, are used.

BLOM draws on the abundance of Dutch flowers. Quintessentially Dutch tulips are shown blossoming in all their splendour – sometimes in the style of a picturesque artist’s canvas, sometimes in pop art style. With dazzling colours or a light used look, the women’s accessories add a friendly touch. New from SIEGER: the high-quality indoor and outdoor ponchos with herringbone, tile or star designs. They can be flexibly combined with all sorts of other garments, and look stylish and casual – especially with a striking fringe. Soft materials like pure cashmere or fine wool caress the skin and ensure they are pleasant and comfortable to wear.

Both the men’s and women’s accessories come in clear colours and nuanced shades of the Dutch tricolour. The collection is typified by blue and bordeaux shades as well as natural brown tones.

The varied accessories, which are made exclusively in Germany and Italy, include ties, bow ties, pochettes, scarves, women’s shawls, high-quality belts and – for the first time also – ponchos as well as a woollen blanket.