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The architecture of water

Bathroom designs considering the architectural context – editorial on occasion of the international trend fair ISH 2019

Nowadays, people expect bathrooms to be far more than simply somewhere they can freshen up and take care of their hygiene needs. They want to create sanctuaries fitted out with cutting-edge features, and ambiences that speak to them emotionally. That’s why our bathroom designs always take account of the architectural context. We don’t just design products in isolation, we design spaces as a whole – with a focus on maximising comfort both now and in the years to come. Here, we recognise the need for paradigm shifts every so often, since changes in how people live often make it necessary to come up with new answers.

And that’s just what we’ve done time and again over the past three decades, with game-changing ideas that had a profound impact on the industry and understandings of bathroom design. Today, some of our designs are considered archetypes, like the Dornbracht mixer tap Meta, now with a streamlined form and updated control mechanism, or the Duravit Happy D. family, for which we’ve developed a new, contemporary edition. For us, innovation means meeting people’s current and future needs and changing requirements, which is why our ideas respond to social changes and the architecture and design trends that emerge out of them. We make refinements to products that have stood the test of time, while also developing radically new solutions – always with a focus on helping our partners to achieve long-term market success.

We are confident that the concepts we’re unveiling in 2019 also have the potential to blaze new trails for the industry to follow. And perhaps one of these will be the next archetype. We hope you find lots of fresh stimulation, and look forward to a continued exchange of ideas.

Christian and Michael Sieger