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Developing ATT, the highly innovative added-value technology for bathroom fittings

Ambiance Tuning Technique, or ATT for short, uses innovative electronic technology to make bathrooms and spas places for recharging the senses. For the first time, this innovative system allows you to enjoy a preprogrammed or even customised shower experience drawing on a range of different water effects. In 2010, sieger design designed the ATT bathroom fittings system on behalf of Dornbracht.

Technology has played such a key role in making our lives easier and enriching our experiences that it’s now unimaginable in almost every aspect of modern existence. Electronic sanitary fittings have already firmly established themselves in public buildings, such as at motorway service stations and in hospitals, not least because of the benefits they offer in terms of hygiene. The Ambiance Tuning Technique program goes beyond these developments to break entirely new ground.

ATT can be either used as a classical bathroom fitting or for shower scenarios. At the heart of the electronics concept is its use of several water outlets which can be controlled either collectively or individually, orchestrated by either one of the preset programmes or one that’s tailored to your needs. The type of water jet and the amount, pressure and temperature of the water can all be individually adjusted, or you can simply leave it all to be choreographed automatically by one of the three preprogrammed settings: Balancing, Energizing and De-Stressing. The ensemble is conducted by three central components working together in perfect harmony: the eTool control panel, the eValve and – to regulate the power supply and communication between the components – the eSwitch. The system’s open architecture allows the bathroom fittings themselves to become an interface to further customise the shower’s use of water. As such, ATT enjoys broad appeal that extends well beyond a niche crowd of technophiles. “The use of electronics in a bathroom setting is something that can only be justified if it serves to simplify increasingly complex features and uses,” explains Benedikt Sauerland, member of the management. “With Ambiance Tuning Technique, we’ve managed to replace a host of manually operated taps with a single simple and intuitive control panel whilst simultaneously expanding the range of water control options.”

On both a practical and an emotional level, ATT bathroom fittings provide considerable added value. The experiences and rituals of washing have a profound effect on the human psyche, enriching quality of life and potentially even offering health benefits. These factors were of key importance in the development process, the agency worked to find answers to a whole range of different questions: Which user controls are essential? Which can be done away with? Which controls might it be possible to integrate into the display? Furthermore, it was also important to take account of the difficulties inherent in a shower, such as poor visibility and soapy fingers. This was one of the three central challenges facing Dornbracht and sieger design, the other two being the need to ensure that the product had an appealing feel without sacrificing aesthetics, and the difficulties of technical implementation. Ease of use is ensured through the inclusion of a rotary control, much like that on a stereo system, and indicator lights, both of which are practical yet sensually appealing. Colour-coded rings of light tell the user whether they’re currently adjusting the pressure of the water flow or its temperature. The overall result is both refined tactile control and superb visual appeal.

The design is minimalist in nature, with all the technical components concealed inside the wall. The visible elements are laid out in such a way as to present a harmonious overall appearance. The modular construction and clear dimensions based on a 60 x 60 mm grid are already familiar to many and also form the basis for our Balance Modules. sieger design was also able to build on previous knowledge and experience in other areas, with ATT marking a continuation of the electronics concepts behind Dornbracht’s eMote and RainSky E products, launched in 2001 and 2004 respectively.

Picture Copyright: Dornbracht
Photography: Wolfram Buck, Thomas Popinger
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