Communication | Jochen Pohl

Putting jewellery centre stage

Relaunch of the Jochen Pohl website – composed for exceptional compositions

Jochen Pohl is renowned for his highly exclusive pieces of jewellery that never fail to showcase the unique character of the precious stone in question. With the new website, sieger design has created a stage that gives these precisely crafted pieces space whilst bringing their emotive and sensual value to life. In order for this to come across on all terminal devices, in 2013, the website was flexibly designed using RWD.

Jochen Pohl approaches each and every piece with the utmost sensitivity; first of all, he meticulously, and with a trained eye, chooses the precious stone in order to cut it in line with its character and value. In terms of communication, it is essential to illustrate the pivotal importance of the stone, as well as the perfect craftsmanship involved, to business partners, editors and end consumers and bring these aspects to life for them. This is why the new website puts the precious pieces centre stage. Large images showcase the fine compositions with their almost sculptural design. Inspired by the idea of a “salon hang”, the team strove to highlight the diversity of the images whilst still creating a harmonious overall impression. On the basis of this approach, elements of differing formats seem freely composed but nonetheless manage to form a balanced whole. This harmony can also be enjoyed by users of mobile devices, albeit within a different display. Great value was placed on responsive design that adapts to specific requirements and arranges the elements in line with the resolution of the desktop computer, tablet or smartphone in question. This doesn’t just apply to the images, but also to the thematic animations – sometimes complemented by quotes or key words – that trace the journey from material selection to finished piece. Three central motifs are thereby emphasised: the personality of the precious stone, the fascinating craftsmanship and the passionate work of the artist Jochen Pohl.

The goldsmith from Idar-Oberstein has been working with sieger design for ten years. Alongside the Internet relaunch, 2013/14 saw the team design a range of additional communication materials, such as ads, digital newsletters and elements of the stand at the BASELWORLD trade fair, the most important trade fair in the industry worldwide.