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No man steps in the same river twice

Everything flows – editorial on occasion of the trend fair ISH 2013

The world is in a state of flux. Processes are therefore not just a given, but in fact even necessary on a number of different levels. Time equals change on scales both large and small, and each and every generation is faced with a new set of challenges. Our tasks always include anticipating the mood of the times. We refine what we have, develop new things and remain on the pulse of progress – which presupposes constant change and development.

Panta Rhei, everything flows. And the same applies to tried-and-tested concepts which have remained successful for years. Even classics require innovation in the face of changing needs – such as the Happy D. and X-Large ranges, two established bestsellers from Duravit that we've given a makeover to whilst preserving their basic traits. Contemporary refinement, in every sense of the word. The fact that revitalisation isn't just a question of aesthetics, but goes hand in hand with a concept, is also demonstrated by the new range from Alape. Market experiences and reactions provided the impetus not to limit the scope of the A˘system init and A˘system addit ranges but to adapt it to system- and communication-related needs. We develop solutions with broad appeal and meet the needs of individuals. In doing so, flowing processes are often at the heart of our thinking. And 2013 is full of examples of this: the "Personal needs, individual spaces" concept from Dornbracht splits the various zones of the bathroom by function in order to encourage personal rituals and acts. It mobilises water and sets it in motion – justlike the new Pivot fitting, which brings flexibility to the kitchen. But not everything happens mechanically – innovative technologies serve to create added value in terms of convenience, precision and quality of life. And when the analogue world – in other words, people- meets the digital realm, the field of interface design analyses the places where they come together. Culminating in complex thought processes is Smart Water. It's a comprehensive electronic system which works on a self-explanatory mode of operation to generate and support processes, either in the bathroom or under the name eUnit Kitchen in the kitchen. Even if – or especially as – technologies predominantly serve to dynamise processes, there is also a need for solutions that help us slow down in this highly complex world of ours. This was the idea that spawned Sensory Sky.
We happily support and push ahead with change, and are guided by the words of Heraclitus: "No man steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man."

Wishing you inspiring and exciting reading.

Christian & Michael Sieger

ISH innovations magazine 2013 (PDF)