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sieger design develops eno kitchen fittings with a sustainable effect

The new eno single-level mixer from Iserlohn-based company Dornbracht is characterised by its straightforward design and efficient use of resources. Created by sieger design, the special lever concept results in an intuitive reduction in hot water consumption in the kitchen. The 2011 innovation is positioned in the first premium segment, like the IMO range of bathroom fittings.

It’s hard to imagine the day-to-day workings of a kitchen without hot water. It’s absolutely essential when it comes to cooking or washing up, for example. Because it takes a while for the hot water to come through, many people use the cold water that comes through first out of impatience and stop the flow before it has reached its required temperature. The heated water remains unused in the pipe but the energy required to heat the water has already been lost.

eno is an intelligent solution that saves hot water in such situations, reducing consumption in a logical way. In order to maintain symmetry, many people leave the tap lever in a straight, neutral position. While standard models provide mixed water in this position, eno only provides cold water. This means that no energy is wasted in the provision of hot water, which equals lower CO2 emissions. In addition to this sustainable function, the balanced proportions and a clear design language were the key factors for sieger design during the design process. With the exception of the lever, the unbevelled fittings are comprised of cylindrical sections in an understated size. The efficient overall effect is rounded off by the straight, slim lever, which is positioned at a right angle to the tap. Thanks to its precise details and minimalist structure, eno achieves a harmonious balance between complexity and neatness.

In addition to the classic single-lever mixer, this range is also available with a pull-out aerator or pull-out spray head. eno will be available in chrome and matt platinum finishes.

Picture Copyright: Dornbracht, sketches by sieger design
Photography: Thomas Popinger, sketches by sieger design
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