Communication | Sitting Bull

Louder than words

The “You are original.” product brochure doesn’t need words to express the universality of Sitting Bull bean bag chairs

Reduced to the essential and with highly expressive images – the Sitting Bull product brochure 2011 showcases the company’s extensive range of bean bag chairs. Large-format photos spanning 20 pages illustrate the multifunctionality of the new range of chairs, all without a single word of explanation. Instead, sieger design has squeezed the product details and background information into a separate compact insert.

Straightforward, versatile, simple, youthful – these are the keywords which underpin Gütersloh-based Sitting Bull’s latest product communication, the “You are original” brochure, unveiled at the 2011 Ambiente trade fair. The title takes the brand slogan, “The original Sitting Bull”, and transfers it from the product to the user in order to encourage active reader identification.

As with the lavish and comprehensive previous brochure, “Love”, published in 2009, sieger design decided to collaborate with the Berlin photographer Joerg Grosse Geldermann. This saw the creation of a wide range of visual styles, ranging from abstract visuals in the shadow of the Berliner Philharmonie to pavement scenes shot in the doorways of Prenzlauer Berg. Whether they’re set in a luxury loft apartment, a nursery school or a flat in a period building, the photos potently demonstrate not only the versatile applications of Sitting Bull bean bag chairs but also the diversity of their target groups – and all without so much as a single word. In fact, sieger design allowed just the title on the photographic brochure’s bright orange cover and a small inscription at the end: “Home is where your Sitting Bull is.” As such, the pictures are left to speak for themselves. A conscious decision was made to work mainly with international, authentic amateur models, including, for instance, a young graffiti artist, who is depicted standing on a brightly coloured bean bag chair whilst in the process of spray-painting a bull’s head motif onto the wall behind him – a deliberate allusion the horned Sitting Bull logo in its striking new brand colour, orange.

The brochure draws on the visual style of the previous edition, but is intentionally a much slimmer volume; a simple, self-explanatory print medium for an intuitively logical product. This approach also extends to the booklet’s format: the proportions of the pages are adapted from those of a bean bag chair, while an eyelet in the top right-hand corner permeates the entire brochure. The compact central insert containing product overviews and information is held in place with an orange elastic band, demonstrating a sense of originality and a passionate attention to detail. The new orange-based Sitting Bull brand identity has been conveyed in a distinctive way that is nonetheless easily recognisable, thus creating a communications medium that retailers are keen to both use and distribute.