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Kiora remains true to the line

The first Duravit kitchen sink designed by sieger design combines a sleek design with user-oriented functions

Symmetry and simplicity define the overall appearance of Kiora. sieger design created the kitchen sink with a simple yet striking design language, offering three ergonomic variations. A modular chopping board turns the sink into a multifunctional workspace. For the first time in sieger design’s 25-year partnership with Duravit, the agency created a range for the kitchen, rather than the bathroom – another space that can fully showcase the benefits of ceramic as a material. The innovation was presented in 2012.

Its pure and well-balanced design is what gives Kiora its high-quality appearance. The clear links between elements and the slimline frame that unites the individual functions of the sink are what give Kiora its harmonious sense of balance. The highest degree of precision is used to reduce the thickness of the edges to a minimum in order to attain the most generous amount of useable space possible. In the development process, the team pushed the material – ideally suited to use in the kitchen due to its durability – to its very limits. Due to its heat and cold-resistant properties, as well as being odour and taste-neutral, ceramic is a high-quality alternative to stainless steel and can also be used to add a splash of colour to a kitchen.

Its ideal proportions are characteristic of Kiora’s unique look and ensure instant recognisability. Three defined variations have been designed that can either be integrated as a flush, built-in sink or in the surface-mounted style and can accommodate either right or left-handed use. The basic design combines the large sink space with a slightly inclined draining surface and is available in two different sizes. The third model also includes an additional small strainer that allows overflow to run off and is separated via an exceptionally slim divider. The useable space is framed by a bevel that leans inwards, and which also serves as a kind of “runner” for accessories. This allows a dishwasher-safe Epicurean chopping board that is gentle on knives to be run the full length of the sink in order to create extra workspace and optimise the food preparation process.

The generous design guarantees an ergonomic workspace that gives you plenty of space to clean even large oven trays. Flexibility and comfort also played a major role in the development of the system’s various details. The tap and Excenter fittings can either be positioned in the centre or edgewise diagonal to the basin. sieger design created the ceramic range in such a way that its elements can be seamlessly integrated into the matching base cabinet. Kitchen designers can opt for colours that either blend in or contrast with the work surface, particularly in the flush, built-in version. Kiora is available in white, pergamon, chestnut, att anthracite and black. The ceramic sink is coated with DuraCerm, developed and patented by Duravit, which is characterised by its exceptional impact resistance.

Series not available anymore