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Keeping hot

The Plus 8 vacuum flask made in Germany with quick tip closure means you can enjoy hot coffee for hours and hours

“Less is more” has for years been the catchphrase used by magazines and in statistics to refer to trends in virtually all areas of life. The clear, pure and economical has triumphed over the florid, flamboyant and grandiose. sieger design’s style has long been characterised by the way it pares things down to the essentials – and this is evident in the cylindrical Kaffee Partner vacuum flask from 2012, which exudes clarity and features neat lines.

Purism and strict aesthetics blend with practical functionality. With their minimalistic, modern design, Plus 8 flasks are a far cry from the majority of other models with their often protruding, bulbous and concave curves. The vacuum flask was created to complement the Ultima Duo automatic coffee brewing machine, a development by sieger design that has already received a host of awards. The technical specifications and prestigious design of the speciality coffee system predefined the proportional requirements of the new receptacle, which can hold up to 850 ml.

Thanks to its characteristic and appealing design, not to mention its well thought-out features and ease of use, the Plus 8 is especially suited to offices and conference rooms, but also to the catering sector and for personal use. That’s why this flask isn’t just sold to medium-sized businesses by Kaffee Partner – it’s also available from manufacturer Emsa for home use under the name Ultima. The flask lends any table, whether in a conference room or in the home, a high-quality look and feel, and ensures that its content remains hot for several hours. Emsa’s patented quick tip closure means that it opens with a single press. In collaboration with the experienced staff, a product was created that is user-friendly and dispenses just the right amount of coffee, thereby ensuring optimum pouring. The vacuum flask and lid can be popped into the dishwasher, and is available in four colours: black, white, dark red and blackberry.