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Individual oases

The modular furniture range "be yourself" for washbasin solutions that provide structure

Alape and sieger design have developed a new product family that organises the bathroom with only a few modules, giving a new slant to bathroom design. The furniture range moves away from traditional bathroom concepts and puts the washbasin into context within the space. “The trend is towards designing the bathroom and furnishing it tastefully, rather than simply installing it,” says Michael Sieger of the innovative basic idea behind the range from 2011.

A sleek design that is puristic and functional: when creating the modular product family, Alape and sieger design were sensitive when it came to individualising the bathroom with design, materials and detail. Instead of merely offering a temple to hygiene, the bathroom can be used for different purposes – from a refreshing shower in the morning to a luxuriant evening soak in the tub. The bathroom is an oasis of calm in the midst of everyday life, a place for introspection and personal rituals throughout the day. The individual modules in the new range add structure to the room and offer a variety of approaches to designing and linking the different functional areas. The design has a holistic concept and each piece therefore complements the others. This means that you can use the system for a closed or open-plan bathroom.

With its imposing front panels, the closed storage element in the washbasin unit resembles a monolith. In order to provide the ideal measurements for comfortable use, the height of the unit varies depending on whether you prefer a countertop or an undercounter washbasin. The washstand can be positioned as you like in the room: as a free-standing island, parallel to the wall or at a 90-degree angle so that you can see directly out of the window. In this case, the mirror can be mounted on the washbasin unit. Another option is to combine it with the bath unit, which can be positioned at the back of the unit. All the necessary technology is hidden in the washstand without requiring a great amount of storage space. sieger design created handleless furniture units in order to underscore the pure lines and the clarity of the precision joints. A range of materials enhances the individual character of the space. The lower unit is available in three wood finishes, which can be chosen to match the shelving. Alternatively, you can also combine three natural stone finishes. The range includes washbasin units in various lengths, illuminated mirror units and a bath unit.

With "be yourself", Alape and sieger design have developed a range of modular washbasins that goes far beyond the realms of traditional solutions, creating a new concept of the bathroom as a holistically designed space. The range continues the development of open-plan upper floors, where the traditional boundaries between bathroom and bedroom can be broken down for a spacious, practical and appealing interior space.

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