Communication | Sitting Bull

Impromptu images

With spontaneity and the (controlled) power of chance, the Sittung Bull full catalogue appeared

Free reign, improvisation and an experimental playfulness were the hallmarks of the photo shoot for the “love” catalogue in 2009. The photo galleries present the range of universal seating furniture in a variety of contexts – in the park, in a castle hall, in the street – and feature parrots and frolicking children. The array of patterns, for example those appearing on the Fashionbags, are presented in conjunction with product images.

Magazines and brochures usually create an expertly crafted brand environment – which is nothing short of an illusion. The “love” product catalogue breaks with convention by granting readers a glimpse behind the scenes. This engendered a playing field where creativity and spontaneity were put to the test; thanks to the trust shown by Sitting Bull, this playing field also served to document the project itself. Its unconventional character is immediately clear: the white cover clearly contrasts with the sparkling red letters of its title, “love”. The lettering was drawn in the air with a sparkler and captured in a snapshot.

The aim of both photo shoot and design process was to visualise the character of the Sitting Bull brand in an emotive way whilst conveying the products’ multifunctional nature through words and pictures. In a bid to appeal to people of all ages and tastes, the beanbag chairs are served up as suitable and affordable for everyone – not to mention indestructible. To this end, multiple venues were featured – from a Westphalian baroque castle and a designer loft in Berlin through to a shared student apartment, these all-rounders will liven up any setting. As a result of the democratic understanding of the product, laypeople were used as models for the photo shoot. The catalogue’s understated font provides a contrast to the photo galleries, which are chock-full of ideas.

As intuitive and fun as the approach to taking the photos was, the 94-page catalogue provides a clearly structured overview of the entire product range and the individual features of the beanbag chairs. These range from the large “Bull” in its classic plain colours and the “Outdoor Bulls” which are hard-wearing come rain or shine, right through to the Fashionbags complete with patterns developed by sieger design. For the “Pet Bulls” photos, Art Director and Photographer Joerg Grosse Geldermann snapped large and small dogs borrowed from acquaintances and agency associates.

“love” became a manifesto for establishing the young and unconventional brand in stores. And the courage needed was rewarded with a catalogue that shone on account of its sophisticated design.