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Creating values through water

Focus on the human being, in the footsteps of nature – editorial on occasion of the international trend fair ISH 2017

We are becoming increasingly conscious of the singular importance of water as a pure element. Each day in the world around us, we recognise its power, energy, and impact. And that applies all the more for a place in which the person is the focus: the bathroom. Whether a cold jet or a warming shower, an intense stream or a gentle rain, the special receptors in our skin enable us to sense and appreciate this natural element.

For more than 15 years, we have been engaging intensively with the power and impact of water – with its presentation and with the experience this natural element can create. In this way, meaningful values advance to the fore, while the presence of materials fade. Therefore, we are developing room concepts, treatments, and products that can do even more than trigger emotions through their aesthetics and precision. Products that can also help us actively maintain our health, and create a place of retreat to counterbalance our daily stresses. Our model? Often it is nature itself. Our latest developments again cite natural phenomena, bringing us another step closer to that ideal. For these concepts, knowledge of traditional water treatments – such as those of Sebastian Kneipp – was utilised, health experts were consulted, tests were carried out with volunteers, and test series were analysed in the sieger design water laboratory. In harmony with individual needs, the ISH innovations 2017 exert their effect for people in both the private and public realm, in spas or hotel rooms.

Get to know the latest bathroom concepts, and learn more about our work.

Christian & Michael Sieger

ISH Magazin 2017 - deutsch/english (PDF)