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The Wanderlust product catalogue is inspired by life itself

More subtle on the outside, livelier on the inside. Behind a bright orange cover is the Wanderlust range of bags, which can be discovered through a series of likeable shots; it’s the bags that draw their inspiration from life itself, and appear in conjunction with short product descriptions. In 2010, sieger design created a medium that doesn't waste readers’ time, and presents many features of these all-rounders – and this in an honest and humorous manner.

The catalogue does not need many words; rather, the external look and feel of the bags, not to mention the concise descriptions of their features, speaks volumes. They’re robust, impervious to water and, thanks to their reinforced stitching, are the ideal companions – whether you’re taking a trip, going shopping or at uni. That’s why the catalogue kicks off with a two-page collage that visualises the range’s versatility through lively images – and goes on to demonstrate it by means of informative snippets.

The scant text is presented alongside realistic scenarios, where laypeople are the models and carry the bags as they go about their day-to-day business – whether in a marketplace or at the airport. The practical functionality of the bags and the array of colours and shapes are subtly presented side by side: you can therefore see, for instance, the brimming Shopping Bag standing upright without any support whatsoever. What’s more, the diverse scenarios are supplemented by clear product images: in the centrefold is an overview of all the patterns and colours that the four models – the Travel Bag, Shopping Bag, Hand Bag and Postman Bag – come in, and on the back cover is a rundown of pictograms detailing the dimensions and different shapes.

This approach makes the catalogue both charming and authentic. As with the overall catalogue for Sitting Bull, the Gütersloh-based company for whom Wanderlust was designed, Joerg Grosse Geldermann was both Photographer and Art Director for the publication. The result is an unpretentious guide with a strong similarity to the products – a pictorial language that is employed in both brochures and is also a reflection of the philosophy held by sieger design’s partner Sitting Bull.