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A key that fits

Event held at Harkotten Castle to celebrate the brand relaunch of jeweller Oeding-Erdel

In November 2014, Münster-based jeweller Oeding-Erdel celebrated its annual catalogue presentation in the company of 250 invited guests. This time round, the event also marked the firm’s brand relaunch. Thanks to its meticulous planning, inspirational on-location design and a tried-and-tested network of service providers, sieger design demonstrated its expertise in the field of event management.

As soon as the partnership was forged back in spring 2014, both companies were unanimous in their view that the annual event and catalogue presentation was going to be held at Harkotten Castle. In keeping with the architecture and the occasion, sieger design developed a precise lighting and colour concept for the event, which even involved giving some of the castle’s walls a fresh coat of paint. Works by Christoph Engel, a key design motif running through the 2015 watch catalogue, were shown in an exhibition. It goes without saying that representatives of leading jewellers and watchmakers are only too happy to showcase their collections in an atmosphere such as this.

Another star attraction on the evening itself was a locked bicycle made by Münster-based partner Studio Brisant. As part of their invitations, guests were sent bicycle keys. These were then exchanged for originals at the door – with one of them actually fitting the bike lock. And there was much excitement as the winner was revealed. The bicycle, a symbol of Oeding-Erdel’s attachment to the city of Münster, is also a core element in one of the new catalogues.

When organising events of this kind, sieger design is able to draw on an extensive network of partners. Mercedes-Benz dealer Beresa, for example, provided the shuttle service from Osnabrück and Münster to Harkotten Castle. The waiter-service buffet, the cocktail bar and the midnight snack (in the form of a burger van) were also all entrusted to professionals, and local DJ legend Nils Liebich was on hand to get people in a party mood and dancing the night away.