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A Homage to Life

Art direction for the Wissner-Bosserhoff portrait calendar for seven years in a row

“Homage to Life VII” is the seventh edition of the calendar that attends to old age with extraordinary portraits. Like earlier editions, it was designed for Wissner-Bosserhoff by sieger design. The idea has been a big success, as can be seen from the calendar’s enduring popularity, collectability and growing print runs, as well as the crop of prestigious awards it has received. The 2010 edition won Bronze at the International Calendar Show alongside big-name winners like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz

It isn’t just the age of the models that’s so unusual, but also the sensitive way in which they are portrayed. None of the portraits show the models as frail or, as so often in the media, grinning for the camera, but rather bring out their subjects’ optimism, energy and authenticity. The 2011 calendar is a twelve-page collection of images expressing moments of togetherness, mutual trust and joy from everyday life or, to be precise, from everyday life in a residential care home. Every month, a black-and-white photograph showcases a unique aspect of the relationship between elderly residents and the staff who care for them. One of the biggest challenges when shooting and selecting the pictures was to show both the elderly subjects and their carers on an equal footing. The photos were the work of René Schwerdtel. For previous editions of the portrait calendar, sieger design worked with internationally acclaimed photographers including Jim Rakete and Chon Choi.

The previous edition, “Homage to Life VI”, also went on a journey through some extraordinary images. All of the calendar’s models were at least 100 years old. The International Calendar Show jury, who had the task of selecting the 40 best 2010 calendars from more than 1,300 entries, were certainly impressed by the calendar’s message and expressive images. The judges considered overall impression, originality, conception, design and production quality when making their decision. The Japan Calendar Award saw the calendar once again win an award – this time in the form of a special prize.