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SSPS® Suite

sieger design has developed the architectural concept SSPS® into a compact premium spa for hotel rooms and suites

Maximum experience in minimum space – in 2015, the pioneering study Small Size Premium Spa (SSPS® for short) inspired a debate about current and future ways of living. With an ingenious zone-based architecture and innovative functions, the compact bathroom fulfils all the standards of a premium spa in a compact area. In 2017, sieger design has adapted the award-winning concept with a special design for hotel rooms, including a new style concept. 

Across the world, more and more people are moving into cities, resulting in increasing scarcity of living space and rising apartment prices. At the same time, there’s increasing demand for enhanced quality of life. sieger design developed a solution in the form of SSPS®, which combines a cutting-edge spatial structure, innovative technology and numerous functions in a space of just 6 square metres. A version of the concept has now been developed for hotel rooms and suites in order to cater to hotel guests’ increased demands for comfort, high-quality experiences and aesthetics too. It allows premium hotels to offer their guests spa functions directly in their rooms – in a space of approx. 8 square metres. 

The bathrooms visualised by sieger design to date have always incorporated the WC into the structure of the room. So that guests can also enter the WC from the hallway, a separate architectural unit has now been designed that can be accessed from two sides. To create a harmonious spatial structure, a glass screen separates the dry zone, with the double washbasin, from the expansive wet zone, which offers many different functions. An integrated rain panel, regenerative shower treatments while lying down and a steam bath transform the hotel room into a luxurious sanctuary. In addition, preprogrammed scenarios combining light, fragrance and sound are able to create emotional ambiences. 

The SSPS® concept can be adapted not just for hotels, but also for individual private apartments or even yachts. Functions, materials, finishes and colours can be selected according to individual needs and stylistic preferences. If you are planning current projects or are generally interested in further discussion, please feel free to get in touch with sieger design at any time.

SSPS® is a registered trademark.
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